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Saturday, December 09, 2006

AFC Wildcard

We are heading into week 14 of the NFL season with the playoffs right around the corner. The AFC Wildcard spots are going to be tough to get. Let's take a look at who is still in the running and who I think will represent the AFC.

Division winners are clear for now with the following winners:

AFC East: NE Patriots
AFC North: Bal Ravens
AFC South: Ind Colts
AFC West: SD Chargers

As for the wildcard spots, there are only two spots left with the following teams who are trying to qualify along with their remaining schedules:

NY Jets (Buf, @Min, @Mia, Oak)
Cin Bengals (Oak, @Ind, @Den, Pit)
Jax Jaguars (Ind, @Ten, NE, @KC)
KC Chiefs (Bal, @SD, @Oak, Jax)
Den Broncos (@SD, @Arz, Cin, SF)

All of these teams above have a 7-5 record with just four games left. Whoever can win at least three of the four is virtually guaranteed a spot. That is easier said than done, so we will start with the first team on the list, the NY Jets.

The NY Jets are the team I like most because their schedule is the most favorable. They should beat Buf at home considering Buf is 2-4 on the road. Then, heading into Min should not be tough, because Min is no longer strong and they have lost five of the last six games with the only win coming against Arz. The game at Miami might be tough because Mia is playing better as of late. Even if they lose this game, they still get Oak at home the week after, which should be a breeze for them. So, I see the Jets going 3-1 down the stretch.

I really like the Bengals making the playoffs, but they really have a tough schedule all year. The first game is a breeze with Oak coming into town. Next, they travel to Ind, which they have been able to play tough. I do not see them winning this game though, with Ind still having to play for home field advantage. Next, going to Den should be a tough battle, but Cin is more well rounded then Den and should pull this game off. Finally, they get Pit at home, and this is going to be a big revenge game for the Bengals. The team who eliminated them last year from the playoffs could do so again, but Palmer will be motivated to beat them since they injured him last year. So, I see the Bengals going 3-1 down the stretch.

The Jaguars are not playing like the team from last year. They have lost some crucial games against unworthy opponents, like Hou twice and Buf. Their first game against Ind will be a low scoring affair, and if Ind did not lose last week, I would have picked the Jags. However, I do not see Ind losing back to back, and they will beat the Jags in a very close game. Next, the Jags head into Ten, a team who is playing like the best team in the league right now. The Jags have not been playing well on the road this season and Ten will beat them. They face the Patriots the week after, and I can see the Jags winning this game. They play good at home against tough opponents. Finally, they go to KC and will find it tough to win at Arrowhead Stadium. They will lose this game also and go 1-3 down the stretch.

The Chiefs will face the Ravens first. They will get beaten up physically, but will find a way to win this game at home. Next, they face the Chargers in SD, they have no chance of winning this game. The Chargers D will be bringing the pressure, and KC will not be able to move the ball. Next, they go to Oak which will not be a breeze for them. Being that this is a division game, the Raiders always play the Chiefs tough, and this could be the game that prevents the Chiefs from making the playoffs. But nahhh, I see the Raiders blowing it and the Chiefs will come out alive. Finally, they get the Jags at home and I already picked the Chiefs in this one. So, the Chiefs will be 3-1 down the stretch.

The Broncos probably did everyone a favor by starting Cutler, thus ending their season early. I see them getting hammered at SD. Then, they will get by the Cards in Arz. They will lose to Cin as described above. Finally, they will beat SF, but a little too late. They will be 2-2 down the stretch.

This puts the Jets, Bengals, and Chiefs tied at 10-6 each to end the season. The tie breaker is simple, head to head, the Bengals beat the Chiefs in week 1 and the Chiefs also have the worst AFC record with both the Jets and Bengals better against AFC opponents. Thus, the AFC Wildcard spots will belong to the NY Jets, and Cin Bengals.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Week 12 Round up

Well, I went three for three on the Thanksgiving games. The rest of the field predictions are below:

Baltimore over Pittsburgh
Cincinatti over Cleveland
San Francisco over St. Louis
Minnesota over Arizona
New York Jets over Houston
New Orleans over Atlanta
Carolina over Washington
Jacksonville over Buffalo
San Diego over Oakland
New York Giants over Tennessee
New England over Chicago
Indianapolis over Philadelphia
Seattle over Green Bay

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Early season predictions

I made the following predictions before the season started. Let's see how well I'm doing...

AFC East
1. Miami2. New England3. Buffalo4. New York JTS
Let's see if Miami can keep it going.
AFC North
1. Cincinnati2. Baltimore3. Pittsburgh4. Cleveland
I don't see the Bengals catching the Ravens.
AFC South
1. Indianapolis2. Jacksonville3. Houston4. Tennessee
This division is too easy to predict.
AFC West
1. Denver2. San Diego3. Oakland4. Kansas City
LT, what the heck is going on??
NFC East
1. Dallas2. New York GTS3. Philadelphia4. Washington
Wow, this might actually be right too.
NFC North
1. Chicago2. Detroit3. Minnesota4. Green Bay
I don't think Detroit is gonna make a push anytime soon.
NFC South
1. Carolina2. Atlanta3. Tampa Bay4. New Orleans
Marques Colston from where, Hofstra? Drew Brees, can you keep it up.
NFC West
1. Seattle2. Arizona3. St. Louis4. San Francisco
Why didn't I know about the inconvenient truth before the seaon?

AFC East Champ
Miami(11 Wins)
AFC North Champ Cincinnati(10 Wins)
AFC South Champ
Indianapolis(12 Wins)
AFC West Champ
Denver(11 Wins)
NFC East Champ
Dallas(11 Wins)
NFC North Champ
Chicago(10 Wins)
NFC South Champ
Carolina(12 Wins)
NFC West Champ
Seattle(13 Wins)
AFC Wild Card #1
New England
AFC Wild Card #2
San Diego
NFC Wild Card #1
New York GTS
NFC Wild Card #2
AFC Wild Card Winner Team 1
New England
AFC Wild Card Winner Team 1
NFC Wild Card Winner Team 1
New York GTS
NFC Wild Card Winner Team 1
AFC Divisional Winner Team 1
AFC Divisional Winner Team 2
NFC Divisional Winner Team 1
NFC Divisional Winner Team 2
AFC Champ
NFC Champ
Pro Football Champion


With Thanksgiving around the corner, a new tradition of three games will be played. The NFL Network will be featuring their first NFL game live and more to come the rest of the season. Sometimes, a tradition should be broken. Much like the addition of a third game, the NFL needs to reconsider the tradition of Dallas and Detriot always playing on Thanksgiving. I'm not too enthusiastic about waking up to see the Lions take on the Dolphins even with the twist of Harrington playing his old team. It seems like every year this happens, so what is the big deal with all the free agency in the league??

Anyway, on to the afternoon game, what a bummer! We get to see the Cowboys take on a Tampa Bay team that offers no excitement whatsoever. Parcells himself tends to be very conservative and by this nature alone the game will be close. I do not see him attempting to blow out a team which he knows he can control and win just by playing the clock. The only hunch I have of Tampa pulling it out will be where Parcells was burned by Santana Moss on that classic MNF game where Brunell threw two late TD's while down 13-0 until midway of the 4th. Washington ended up winning 14-13. The correlation is with Galloway this time arond, because it seems like Gradkowski is finally getting him the ball. I guess we will wait until tomorrow to see if it happens.

As for the final game on Thanksgiving day, the Broncos head into Arrowhead Stadium. This will be a good game because it is a divisional matchup that features two playoff bound teams. When I think about the outcome, I really do not see Denver winning this game. The game they should have won was last week against the Chargers but they blew the lead and their load. The Chiefs fans are going to be rockin' and they will be a huge factor. Gonzalez should be healthy enough to come back, and if he is not effective, he surely will get a lot of attention to open things up for others. Meanwhile, the Broncos will have a QB controversy if they do lose this game, because they will fall from 1st to tied for second in the division. I can hear Jay Cutlers name already...

Well, have fun this Thanksgiving watching football all day, and like Gonzalez said on his commercial "Don't forget to bring the stuffing."

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl XL Sunday February 5, 2006

Here we are, finally at the conclusion of another epic football season. This is the game that everyone comes to watch, some for the game, some for the commercials. As we sit back and enjoy the company around us and the game, us football fanatics also have this sick sort of disgust that we will not see another game for 7 months. This is the time where everyone feels like a gambler too. From office pools to straight bets, the Super Bowl is the most wagered on single event in the world, recording somewhere in the billions of dollars.

Well, as for the game, I really see this game going either way. There is no clear cut favorite, although Vegas is bluffing a Wildcard team as a four point favorite. What is ironic is the actual Super Bowl games themselves I can never seem to remember. I can recall the regular season and playoff games leading up to the Super Bowl much better. The collective gathering of a bunch of hooligans to watch a game distorts the memory of what actually happens and the focus is more on the party at the house and the commercials that stuck out.

Pittsburgh is coming into this game cocky and with high emotions. From Bettis playing his last game in Detriot to the terrible towel fans who follow them everywhere, they speak with a sense of assurance that there is no other ending aside from the one with them holding the Vince Lombardi trophy at the end of the day. Added to that, the backing of the oddsmakers with a four point favorite to really screw with peoples minds to make them think, will they win by four? The whole thought of Seattle winning is out the door at this point. Seattle who? Is that their opponent? Seattle, on the other hand is just making their first Super Bowl appearance ever with good talent on both sides of the field. What I really liked was how Hassleback took over and won that Washington game without Alexander. I believe his performance in that game will be indicative of how the Super Bowl will be played out. If Pittsburgh stuffs the run, which I think they are capable of, then Hassleback has shown us the courage to make it happen through the air against a stout defense before. As for the Steelers, the only drawback I see to them winning this game is they rested an extra week. It's like waking up with a cold shower after a good dream, you sit back and reflect on that dream before you play it out. When it comes down to it, Roethlisberger is still going to manage the game and keep the lead or keep them close the whole game. The question is can they fall behind by two scores, because if they do, they are not a good comeback team. I do not trust Roethlisberger in a come from behind game, I can see him throwing it away by trying to make things happen, rather than taking what is given to him when they are in the lead. Just as they have struggled to run in the playoffs, I see Pittsburgh trying to force feed Parker, Bettis, and Haynes the football. Boy I hope they do not have the lead cause this game will be boring, a la Ottis Andersen and the NY Giants in their Super Bowl win against the Bills.

My prediction is Pittsburgh 27 Seattle 24.

Have fun watching the game, and see you all next season!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Playoff Pick' em

Look for a good matchup here in the early game. They both love to run the football but when your playing in Mile High, the gas runs pretty short and the bus might be left stranded. I like the Broncos over the Steelers in a defensive struggle 16-10.

When the two NFC opponents duke it out this will be a heavyweight bout of the strongest survives. With a first round punch on Alexander again, look for him to throw in the towel early. As for Steve Smitty he will continue to throw punches late in the final rounds racking up some huge points in a decision. The Panthers D will hold its own as for the Seattle D, they will fall asleep on a couple plays allowing just enough difference for the Panthers to defeat Seattle 23-21.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Playoff Pick' em

Last week's playoffs were good. This week's games should be great. I went 3-1 last week, missing the Bengals game. Boy, if only Carson did not get injured who would have known? Check out this week's pick' em which should be really exciting.

Seahawks over Redskins
Patriots over Broncos
Colts over Steelers
Panthers over Bears

Have fun watching the games.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Look back at the 2005 season prognostications

Back in Week 4 I had already made my predictions for the year. For those who do not remember I will attach it below along with updated comments on how I did.

This week, I will separate the teams in particular categories of who to look out for that are surprises this year, the usual contenders, pretenders, and the teams that have no chance. We are a quarter of the way through the NFL season.


Miami Dophins: This team has a realistic chance of winning their division. Their defense has remained solid from previous years and they have an offense to boot. They have become an exciting story for the Dolphins fans thur far. Wow, I was almost right on this one. The Dolphins were winners of their last six games and next year might be their year. I can't believe they ended one game from the Patriots and a possible division title. Overall, good prediction.

Cincinatti Bengals: Wow, what a cinderella story this has become. Marvin Lewis is displaying his true genious this year as he has the Bengals playing at their highest level. I see no reason their success will fade considering they are dominating the field on both sides. Hit this one right on as the Bengals ended up winning their division. Although I am a bit concerned about how their defense dropped down the stretch which will hurt them in the playoffs.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Right now they are hovering around in the middle of the pack. But they are not a team you want to face any given week because of their physical play and I rest their fate on the arms of Leftwich. Their defense is solid but they will only go as far as the health of their young quarterback. Very good call once again. The Jags were very exciting this year ending at 12-4. Although their quarterback did go down, they still found ways to win.

San Diego Chargers: I put them in this category because I feel many people wrote them off after a shaky 0-2 start. I knew they would be dangerous and it seems as if this giant has awaken. Look for them to win the AFC West once again. Well, you can not be right on everything. The Chargers had their chances but just could not win the big games. Very disappointing year for this club, probably the best team ever to not make the playoffs.

New York Giants: They are a team with a whole new look with Plaxico in the lineup. He spreads the field and opens things up for Shockey and company. Eli is coming into his own and will take this team far. Hit it right on the spot once again as the NY Giants ended up winning the division. They were a huge surprise this year and played well enough to win a competitive division.

Carolina Panthers: After a year absence from the playoffs, the Panthers look solid once again. They are in a very tough division, but they have experience on their side. The offense has all their key players back and the defense is holding its ground. Right on! The Panthers tied the Buccs at 11-5 but lost the division title due to a tiebreaker. However, they did make the playoffs and are a very tough team to play against.

Seattle Seahawks: Although they will be without the two starting receivers this week, the Seahawks benefit from a soft schedule. They should be able to run the tables in their division. The defense has been playing better lately and Alexander is back to form. Could not have put it any better as the Seahawks went 13-3 and clinched homefield advantage throughout. I really like the Seahawks especially playing at home.

THE CONTENDERS...New England (correct as they won the division), Pittsburg (correct as they made the playoffs), Indianapolis (correct as they clinched homefield advantage throughout), Denver (correct as they won their division and got a first round bye), Philadelphia (incorrect, wow I would have never guessed how much of a distraction the loss of TO made to this team as they kept falling one by one with McNabb and Westbrook going on IR), Tampa Bay (correct since they won their division and went 11-5). and Atlanta (incorrect, boy did they blow it going down the stretch losing key divisional games and three straight to end the season at 8-8).


Buffalo Bills: Until coach Mularkey realizes that Losman is not the right guy this team is just a pretender. The prospect of putting in Holcomb will dramatically raise the value of this team because Holcomb can air it out like he did in his days at Cleveland. (Hit the spot right on as Buffalo just tanked down the stretch going 5-11. Not only did Losman hurt them early on, McGahee was horrible to end the season).

Baltimore Ravens: No passing game, no go. Everything else is well tuned aside from the brain of this team which is the quarterback. Not even the return of Boller will help them. (Right on since Baltimore went 6-10 and missed the playoffs. They need some help in the draft this year to even make them an average team next year).

Kansas City Chiefs: I called this one too. After they crushed the Jets and beat the high powered Raiders in Oakland, I knew this team was still a fluke at 2-0. Right after they were blown out on Monday Night against Denver and blew a huge lead at home against Philly. The collapse has started earlier than I thought. (I pride myself on picking this one right because year in and year out people think the Chiefs will be contenders. They are nothing more than pretenders and have never won the big games when they counted as they missed the playoffs at 10-6).

Washington Redskins: This team is undefeated now at 3-0 but just like last year I see them going on a skid of many losses in a row. To start, they have two tough away games at Denver and Kansas City, I will reevaluate their character after that. (Well, well, well, the Redskins needed to win five straight to make the playoffs and they did just that. I give them credit because I was wrong here thinking they would have crumbled).

Dallas Cowboys: This is a good team now, but the season is 16 weeks long. Bledsoe has gotten off to fast starts before, but once he stumbles there is no turning back for him. Sorry tuna, this ship is starting to sink. (I was right on here. Bledsoe did begin to struggle and the Cowboys missed the playoffs).

The Whole NFC North Division: Chicago has no quarterback. (Incorrect, I guess someone had to win the division right? Grossman coming back will help them immensely). Detriot can not be taken seriously with Harrington. (Correct, perfect call as even some of his teammates criticized him as being the cause this year). Minnesota is a shell of their former self. (Correct since the Vikings struggled this year, even though they got some life back when Brad Johnson stepped in but it was too little too late). Green Bay is old and plagued by injuries, with Ahman Green being the latest victim. (Correct, perhaps the biggest disappointment this year with Favre throwing 26 interceptions, ouch).

NO CHANCE:NY Jets, Cleveland, Tennessee, Houston, Oakland, New Orleans, St. Louis, Arizona, and San Francisco. (Correct on ALL of these teams. Wow, from Week 4 on, none of these losers surprised us and continued to be horrible the rest of the year, some teams got even worse than they were).

Well, I hope you enjoyed the 2005 season, and as I mentioned before no matter how much things change they still are the same in the NFL. I was right on for all but 6 teams, but the sad part is the teams that sucked I was perfect on. Those were the teams that I hoped would have surprised me and made things interesting, however, they all just rolled over.

Playoff Pick' em

To end the regular season I went 11-5 in Week 17. That put my overall mark to 186-70. The playoffs are here. Take a look at my picks for the playoffs.

Washington over Tampa Bay
New England over Jacksonville
Carolina over NY Giants
Cincinnati over Pittsburgh

Good luck to all.